Wheel - Beginners

Level 1- Throwing on the Potter's Wheel
(16 to Adult)
This class is now over but will commence in the fall.   Try the wheel on Saturday mornings,  1/2 hour sessions, contact us for more information.     

Details:  2 hr sessions.     A personal one on one, hence only 4 students will receive an introduction to throwing on a potter's wheel by a master thrower of 20 plus years.    I will teach you the necessary steps to make a simple bowl shape and a cylinder on the potter's wheel.  A cylinder is crucial for forming almost every other creation made on the potter’s wheel.  Wedging will also be an important part if you intend on taking the level 2 class/intermediate.   Anticipate making at least 5 finished pieces.  That will include;  Mugs,Jugs, bowls, vases....   We will also create handles.  There will be an introduction to some basic surface techniques.    

Note:  During the beginners class, we take a break while green ware creations are air drying.   The glaze session will be scheduled when all ware is bisque fired.(first kiln firing)   All green ware will take time to air dry and the instructor will load the kiln with green ware for the bisque ware firing, unload and sort.  Then you return to apply under glaze and or glaze to bisque ware.  The instructor inspects all wares  and loads, fires and unloads your finished pieces from the kiln.   Finally,  we schedule the 7th session,  you'll  pick up your pottery and we'll enjoy a mug up.

REFUND POLICY for level 1, only:

  Cancelling 2 weeks to a month before class begins, receive your refund minus 5% administration fee or choose  credit for the next sessions.      Cancelling  7 to 14 days before class begins, receive your refund minus 10% administration fee or credit for the next sessions.  Cancelling 7 days or less you'll receive credit to enroll in another class.

Cost: Wheel for beginners is $299.00 plus tax. Installments can be arranged
  ( We accept credit card/cash on site or e transfer.
Email for more information:  charlinsky67@hotmail.com